Learn All About Traditional Neighborhood Design

There are many things in life that seem to get better all the time. Every year’s cell phones are better than the models from the year before. You want a doctor who went to medical school five years ago, not 50. Car models released in 2020 have incredible safety and luxury features when compared to cars made over the last decade. While there are countless examples of things getting better, other ideas or products are pretty great the way they were. This includes traditional neighborhood design. A Traditional Neighborhood Development is also known as a village-style development or TND. It includes a variety of housing types, a mixture of land uses, an active center, a walkable design, and many times a transit option within a compact neighborhood scale area. When you think of traditional neighborhood design, imagine a perfect village where many of your socialization and physical activity needs can be met right in your neighborhood.

If you love a traditional neighborhood design and live or want to live in the Wake Forest, NC area, begin your search at Holding Village. The Holding Village Neighborhood will be Wake Forest’s first community featuring a Traditional Neighborhood Design. The developers have chosen this increasingly popular style because it is specifically designed to create a close-knit neighborhood. This vision ties directly into the conscious design of having many of the conveniences of a larger city, but maintaining the sense of community and small town feel. The homes in a traditional neighborhood design will be set closer to the street and have prominent front porches that makes it easy to relax on and say hello to your neighbor. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so because they will enjoy walking down the large, tree-lined sidewalks each evening. These sidewalks also connect through the neighborhood residents to all of the pocket parks, community center, the lake, and the pool. Many of the homes will also feature rear garages that are accessed via alleys behind the homes.

Have you ever watched a movie set in the 1950’s and wished your family could live that way? If so, you’re looking for Holding Village. All of these designs help to promote a sense of community and foster friendships. In the future, there will also be trails connecting where you will be able to walk to the Smith Creek Soccer Center, Heritage Golf Course, and Heritage Elementary Schools.

Now is the time to begin looking into this exciting option. When you are ready to purchase a new home in Wake Forest, be sure to begin the search in Holding Village. We are confident that if you do, you’ll find no reason to look elsewhere. Many land plots are still available, so you can actually build your dream home to go in your dream neighborhood. It’s perfect!

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