How to Create a Perfect Outdoor Space

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You’ve moved into your dream home, a beautiful house in one of the best neighborhoods in Wake Forest, NC. Now, what? You want to celebrate your new home and invite your friends, family, and other loved ones over to see your new space! What you need is a good old-fashioned housewarming party! 

You have every right to be proud. This is going to be so much fun. As long as you plan the party well, your guests will be so impressed with your house and even more impressed with your party planning skills. The key is to host the party not actually inside your new home, but out. What you need is to learn how to prepare the perfect outdoor space! All you need to do is decorate the deck and spruce up the back lawn and you’re ready to have party guests over.

#1 Get colorful. One of the most important aspects of making your back porch pop is going to be your color selection. Go bright and bold! This can be done with the use of outdoor pillows, flowers, and a great rug. A large, colorful outdoor rug will help to define the space and make it have all of the beauty of the indoors.

#2 Hang lights. This party is going to go well into the night! Hanging string lights on your patio can really liven up the place at night while providing great lighting to make the space inviting after dusk. String bistro lights are a perfect way to add simple yet beautiful lighting all over a large area. The light is soft and subtle, not overwhelming.

#3 Add a fireplace. It’s still pretty cool here in North Carolina, and will be for some time- especially at night. Adding a fireplace to your outdoor space is a perfect way to make the space feel more like a cozy living room all while enjoying nature in the great outdoors. Fireplaces also make the space warm when the weather is cooler and provides lighting for the evenings outside. Set up some s’mores ingredients and let the kids at your party enjoy themselves just as much as the adults!

#4 Create different seating areas. You want plenty of seating, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to sit in a circle. Group off small tables, chairs, loveseats, benches, and large pillows throughout your back porch and into the yard. People will naturally settle into smaller groups for more intimate conversations. Creating different seating areas in an outdoor area is a great use of a large space.

Go ahead and get started preparing for your housewarming party. You may find you love your outdoor space looking this way so much that you keep the decor up. Who needs an excuse to have an exquisitely decorated back porch? not you!

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