How Life in Holding Village Can Benefit Your Health

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Not only does Holding Village offer gorgeous homes in the Wake Forest area near Raleigh, but the community also prides itself on getting families back outside. Both adults and children can enjoy the 13-acre lake, walking trails, swimming pool and parks that the neighborhood is excited to offer. While these outdoor amenities can provide countless hours of walking, swimming or kayaking for everyone, did you know that they could also benefit your health?

Studies have shown that spending time outside can actually make you a healthier individual. How does this work?

new homes in wake forestExercising Outdoors is Fun
It comes as no surprise that exercise tends to be more enjoyable when you are outside. There is just something completely different about riding your bike through nature than remaining stationery inside of a gym, and going for a hike tends to be much more exciting than staying on the elliptical all afternoon. Another interesting piece of information is that exercise can actually feel less difficult when you take your workout outside. Researchers at the University of Essex found that the color green makes exercise feel easier. So the trees, grass and plants that you are passing through during your next outdoor run are not only providing a scenic view, but they are also making it easier to get through your workout session.

Vitamin D Intake Increases
Did you know that some studies estimate that as much as 85% of the American population is Vitamin D deficient? In a society that has constantly emphasized the importance of sunscreen and where individuals spend most of their days inside, people are spending less time soaking up the healthy rays from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis, so it is not something to take lightly. Fortunately, it can be a relatively easy issue to resolve. Just by spending as little as 10 to 15 minutes outside each day, you can instantly boost your Vitamin D intake.

active neighborhoods in wake forestFriendships with Neighbors Helps your Health
Holding Village is a “Traditional Neighborhood Development” or TND which is also known as New Urbanism. That means that the streetscapes are more quaint because the homes are closer together, closer to the street with a focus on the front porch (instead of garages) and therefore the smaller lots allow more room for community amenities and play areas to enjoy the outdoors. This all ties together to offer an environment where you build strong friendships with neighbors which Arizona State University research proved positively affects your health.

Being outside makes individuals both happy and healthy, and Holding Village is proud to offer a community where enjoying the beauty of nature has never been easier.

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